About This Blog

There’s tremendous power in communication at work. When it happens as it should — frequently, openly, in multiple directions, with clarity and purpose — communication can help people and their organizations do amazing things.

I’ve worked in companies where communication worked well and where it helped people achieve goals they might not have achieved without it. I’ve also seen companies where communication wasn’t a priority and where confusion, cynicism and suspicion reigned. The contrast between those cultures is remarkable.

We can treat communication like a strategic process (which it often is), we can analyze it, plan for it, and measure it. All of that is worthy stuff. But at its essence, communication is a basic human function. Sometimes those of us in the communication business forget that. This blog is a collection of observations, experiences and lessons of life that I hope you’ll be able to apply to the communication practices in your workplace. Please join the conversation! Your contributions will help create a richer experience for us all.

The views I express on this blog are mine and do not reflect those of any employer or client, past or present.

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