Glamour for Grammarians

We writers are such dorks sometimes.

We fret over using just the right word and we agonize over proper grammar usage. We become obsessed with making sure the fruits of our labor are not only widely understood but universally adored.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a good sense of humor about what we do. Enter Mignon Fogarty, aka “Grammar Girl,” who has nearly made grammarians cool again (if they ever were cool to begin with). Through her books and her website, she brings the fun back to writing well.

While in the supermarket checkout recently, perusing the trashy mags with their screaming headlines and seductive images, she wondered what such a magazine for grammarians would look like. This is what she imagined:

Who said grammar wasn’t Glamour-ous?

Thanks to, which originally printed it.


One Response

  1. It beats the tabloid with the story about Obama’s alien love-child.

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