Pick-Up Lines for Communicators

As a public service – and for a little Friday fun – here is a list of pick-up lines and flirtatious phrases for communicators. If you’re offended by any of them, at least it means you get them:

  • I like your style. No, I mean your AP Style.
  • How ‘bout coming over here so I can kiss your ellipsis.
  • I want you. Period. Backspace. Exclamation point, exclamation point.
  • I’m free of all social diseases and dangling participles.
  • Baby, when I’m with you, I feel like just breaking free and throwing caution to the wind and living with reckless abandon and breaking all the rules, including the one about run-on sentences.
  • You make me want to pull out my red pen.
  • You must also be a writer because I’m reading you pretty clearly.
  • Do you want the edited version or the rough draft of what I’m thinking right now?
  • I’ve misplaced a modifier. How about you coming to my place and helping me look for it?
  • I’d like to both compliment you and complement you. Aren’t you impressed that I know the difference?
  • Let’s you and I get together for a game of Scrabble. I’m feeling like I might triple word score.
  • Think of me as your rough copy. With a little massaging, I could turn into a masterpiece.

Now, add yours to the list. You don’t have to admit to having used them before.


2 Responses

  1. FANTASTIC! I didn’t get to read this post until Sunday morning. I love them! Very creative.

  2. […] интересен пост с ключови реплики, които ще ви помогнат да спечелите сърцето на специалисти по комуникации. Ако сте хвърлили око на колежката от PR-отдела, това е […]

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