Talk About Getting Stuck in a Hole

Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, has likened President Barack Obama’s early days in office to the experiences of 33 Chilean miners who spent 69 days trapped deep underground.

According to

In a speech to supporters in Las Vegas on Sunday night, Reid said that when Obama replaced George W. Bush in the White House he found himself in a “hole so deep that he couldn’t see the outside world.

“It was like the Chilean miners, but he, being the man he is, rolled up his sleeves and said ‘I am going to get us out of this hole,'” Reid said at an “Early Vote GOTV” event.

Right. The political challenges facing the leader of the free world are akin to spending day after agonizing day in a hot, dark tomb, wondering if you’ll ever see your family again.

Reid’s choice of analogies is so distasteful that it barely deserves comment. So I’ll end it here, but direct you to some similes and metaphors that are so bad they’re funny.


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  1. You’re right, what a distasteful analogy. And thanks for the link; I laughed out loud at many of them!

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