Does Facebook’s Privacy Policy Cover TMI?

There’s a lot of social unrest, as it were, among Facebook users who increasingly are concerned about their privacy. A recent New York Times item notes that despite the displeasure with Facebook’s ever-changing privacy policy, most protesters are unlikely to leave because the network is now an integral component of users’ lives.

I understand that the real concerns are over who has access to users’ personal information, but I find it ironic that many of the complainers are the same people who post these kinds of items on their Facebook walls:

  • [User Name] can’t decide whether to wear her leopard thong or lacy pink undies today.
  • [User Name] just got puked on by [User Name’s Son]. Spaghetti doesn’t look so good the second time around.
  • [User Name]’s husband makes some pretty disgusting noises when he falls asleep after eating burritos.
  • [User Name] thinks the babe who waxed his back at the spa today is hawwwwt!!!

Privacy, indeed.


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