The Adventures of Pinkly Pulchritudinous

Preparing recently to teach a class on writing for public relations, I ran across an example of what not to do that is so terrible that I just have to share it.

This is from a florist’s website:

Pinkly pulchritudinous and amazingly delightful, infinitely charming and sensationally fascinating.

Somebody’s been leafing through their thesaurus again.

Pinkly pulchritudinous? Sounds like the name of an effeminate villain on an old Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoon.

Readers’ admiration for your writing does not increase with the number of syllables you write. William Strunk, who co-authored the classic handbook on writing, The Elements of Style, said it best: “Vigorous writing is concise.”


One Response

  1. This makes me nauseous, so maybe it’s good that the description makes me think of Pepto Bismol.

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