Mr. Squiggles Has Real PR Pros on His Team

Twitter friend Lisa Newkirk of Tampa, Fla., posted this link to Cepia LLC’s statement regarding the safety of its Zhu Zhu Pets, one of the hottest toys this holiday season.

As she noted, the statement — especially the quote by CEO Russ Hornsby — is clear, direct, lacks jargon and even includes a personal touch that comes off as sincere.

Indeed, there is not a “leading edge” or “innovative” cliché to be found. The headline and subhead are descriptive and active. The press release states the company’s position, describes its testing and inspection procedures and says what the company is doing about the crisis. It gets in, takes care of business and gets out. Public relations students — and professionals, for that matter — take note: This is what a press release should look like.

Now if they could just do something about the toy’s name. Mr. Squiggles the Go Go Hamster? Really?


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